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Decide, What?

Decisions, decicions! Each day is filled with them!

If you only make one decision this year, decide to download this app!

Choose from three games that allows you to make those tough decisions every day!

  • Coin Toss - Flip a coin to settle those yes/no decisions
  • Dice Roll - Use the number on the dice to determine your destiny
  • Spinning Wheel - Let the wheel of fate decide your next action

Choose from several categories

  • Executive - Yes, no, maybe so
  • Food - Dine in, dine out, or just drink alone
  • Clothing - What to wear for that special event?
  • Knighthood - Tough choices for the knight errant
  • Have a Drink - Time to kick back and have a beverage

Available now! Find it these stores*:

iOS The iOS version for the iPhone and iPad is available in the Apple Store right now!

Android The Android version for tablets and phones is available in Google Play right now!

Amazon The Kindle Fire/Android version is available in the Amazon Store right now!

*All stores have full product information available before purchase!

Game Trailer

Video of Decide, What?

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See "Decide, What?" in action!

What They're Saying About Us

This app is really awesome, I'm in sales and it really gives a nice push to get all the tasks done in a fun way.

- Jade Maher

Fun app :)

- Teressa Welch

This app is useful when you can't make a decision, it has a flip a coin feature. I personally love the roll the dice or spin the wheel feature for deciding what to eat.

- spiker-wave

Great little app that is fun to use and help make little decisions fun and easy to make. Don’t know what’s for dinner? Can’t decide on an outfit?
Roll the dice or flip a coin! Want options? Spin the wheel. Great for big family disputes over tacos or pasta, wine or beer! Love it!

- Reignsfire

Release Notes

1.0.0 - 19 November 2020

  • Initial release

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