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Why Contact Us?

There are probably as many reasons to contact us as there are stars in the sky, but we've attempted to group topics logically.

You want to:
Talk about us on Facebook or other public forums: Social Media
Buy, sell, or interact with us in a business sense: Sales
Solve a problem with one of our products: Support
Report a website bug: Website Issues
Send us large amounts of cash in small denominations: Mailing Address
Tell us your great idea for a game: Game Ideas


Where to Find Us!

Social Media

Want to talk to us or about us in a public forum? Want to share with others who find our applications useful? Want to keep up with up-to-the-nanosecond breaking news about us?

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Want to buy one of our products and are having a difficult time with the store? Want to negotiate a site license or group discount? Or perhaps you have a business proposal or venture in mind and would like to speak to a business manager?

Email us at:


Having a problem with one of our products? Unfortunately we are too small to staff a 24 hour help line, but if you describe your problem and email us we promise a quick turnaround. Please use the following guidelines when reporting a bug:

Email us at:

Website Issues

Oopsie. Found a problem on this site? Is it a factual error, a misplaced graphic, or heaven forbid, a broken link? Please, let us know; you will have our eternal gratitude and that of the many customers whom rely on this site for their own personal enjoyment.

Email us at:

Mailing Address

While most of our business is conducted expeditiously online, every eon or so there is a need to use snail mail. Here is that address:

Rufus Robot, Inc.
2515 Banksville Road #1078
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

Game Ideas

We are very sorry that we can't take your idea and turn it into the next smash hit. You see, ideas are the easy part. It's the months of toil and perspiration that go into an implementation that is the hard part. Believe it when we say that we have enough ideas to take us into the next millenium and beyond.

Please do not solicit us or send ideas to us. For liability reasons we will delete, shred, toss, recycle, fold, spindle, or mutilate any correspondence that smells remotely like an idea to us.

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